Why Dakota Johnson didn’t need Google

Why Dakota Johnson didn’t need Google

The 32-year-old actress, who plays a young mother named Nina in the Maggie Gyllenhaal-directed film, recently spoke to E! News about her role in the psychological drama, joking that she “didn’t Googled” fucking women .

Oh, she’s already there,” she joked in a joint interview with Gyllenhaal and her co-stars, Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley. Needless to say, the candid comment left the group laughing. I think there is a lot in all of us and by having the opportunity to let some of that live, the space that Maggie created, I was able to go deeper, darker, more confusing, more complex and intricate,” explained Johnson. of your process.

However, that does not mean that art imitates Johnson’s life. As Colman pointed out, “Don’t underestimate the imagination of the actors as well.” “It doesn’t have to be that you can only be a good actor if you’ve had a screwed up life,” she explained. “That sucks. Sometimes if the script is good enough, it’s your roadmap.” Based on the Elena Ferrante novel of the same name, The Lost Daughter centers on a middle-aged woman (Colman) .

For screenwriter and director Gyllenhaal, the project was deeply personal, as she herself is the mother of two daughters: Ramona, 15, and Gloria, 9. She explained: “A large part of the film is about motherhood, And I think motherhood has been portrayed everywhere as a kind of fantasy where if you sneak through this very narrow window, all of a sudden you’re having an abnormal experience. ”

“I think the terror, the anxiety, the pain, the confusion, the exhaustion, as well as the heartbreaking kind of ecstasy is part [of the experience],” the filmmaker continued. “My children have brought me to my knees, as I think all children will and they have done it in ways I don’t even remember. Netflix’s The Lost Daughter is out in theaters now and will be available on Netflix starting December 31.

Growing up hurts, that’s right. That’s why I’m indebted to my daughters for the fullness of my life,” Gyllenhaal said, adding, “I could never have made this movie when they were little.” “I think we are all like that. It’s weird when you have the opportunity to go there, to be real, rather than perfect, something that has to fit in a certain box. who recalls her past struggles with two daughters after meeting a younger mother (Johnson) while on vacation in Greece.

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