Scott Disick reveals his former Kourtney Kardashian Relationship

Scott Disick admits that his ex -partner Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with Travis Barker has helped him finally ‘be able to move on’ from their relationship in the premiere of The Kardashians next season.

Disick, 38, said in an episode of the Hulu reality series – which aired on April 14 – that seeing his ex, 42, with drummer Blink -182, 46, explained that he was happy and ‘in real life.’

The founder of Talentless also said he had false hopes for peace because members of the Kardashian – Jenner clan led him to believe that they might ‘get back together one day.’

On the positive side, the new relationship makes the path forward easier for Scott to see.

‘For the first time in my life it finally started to change. Now that Kourtney has lived her life with Travis, although difficult, it gives me a place to finally be able to move on, ‘he said on the episode.

He also expressed his tendency to date women who were much younger than himself or his ex -partner.

‘If I want to find someone real and serious that I want to spend my life with, it must be someone … [in their 20s] over. No more than 30 … anything … 30, anything. If I love someone, it doesn’t matter their age, ‘he continued.

While no longer having Kourtney in his life romantically, Scott is happy to see his ex happy.

‘I feel like I’ve done a lot of wrong to him over the years, I feel very guilty and feel like if he needs me for whatever reason, I’ll be there to redeem him,’ he said.

‘Kourtney has a right to insult me ​​and the way I treat her, because it’s so awful.’

But He also said Kourtney and Travis’ relationship, which saw them tie the knot in Las Vegas on Grammy Awards night, caused her to ‘feel left out,’ and she admitted that it felt ‘very painful’ after being excluded from family gatherings when having no other family. to turn away

After she found out that the Kardashians had held a BBQ but neglected to invite her, she admitted she would rather be with ex -Kourtney, her new boyfriend Travis Barker, and the rest of the family ‘than not at all.’

‘Feeling left out and not being told anything is very painful, especially when I don’t have another family to go to,’ she said.