I didn’t realize how much I missed getting ready with friends

During the pandemic, I have not missed as much getting out as I have missed the process of preparing with friends. There’s an intimate thrill that comes with the simpler parts of getting ready with a group of confidants, whether we’re applying lip liner (we actually use brow liner for the upper lip), figuring out which shoe to wear (whatever that is. ), do it Manolos), or underwear that slides down the hips (usually a thong, or nothing at all). There is always music: some Janet, some Madonna, some Mariah. No matter who you are or who you are with, there is always a red-hot camaraderie.

This experience faded during the pandemic. Restaurants closed. The parties are goodbye. Nightclubs Forget it. However, as the world quietly (and unstably) comes to life, so has he prepared in groups. Recently, when I was with some friends who have amazing closets, we took the opportunity to “get fashionable”, even though we were heading to a very small gathering.

My stylist friend Yohana Lebasi was celebrating her work at the National Gallery in London and wanted to dress to the nines for the occasion. Reference? A photo of Sofia Coppola, in her 20s, in a semitransparent purple lace slip dress that featured a black thong. Lebasi made the look his own by wearing a fuchsia thong that shone through a vintage Dior dress with the labels still on it. (Lebasi is a fantastic buyer and he found it on eBay for nothing.) Finished off with Prada heels, a Vivienne Westwood scarf, and an old Celine coat, she was the best girl.

Anny Choi, once the market editor for Vogue, recreated a mini shorts and sweater look from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 collection (look 9 to be exact). Her outfit consisted of a small Marc Jacobs micro Hesperios cardigan. – shorts (a bargain found at The RealReal) and a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes from Manolo Blahnik. It only took us an hour to get ready (or maybe an hour and a half?). During this time, we learned all about each other’s clothing, reminisced about work, discussed who was dating whom, and shared any gossip we had. When was the last time we did that? I could not remember.

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