I cried happy and sad!’: Kardashians viewers praised

The debut episode of the Kardashians caused the country to split on Thursday, with Twitter users praising the show for making them cry for joy, while professional critics claimed they were ‘bored’ with the episode.

After E! the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians ended in June last year, the Kardashian-Jenner family returned to the screen with a rebooted series, The Kardashians, which airs weekly on Hulu and Disney+.

The first episode featured some shocking moments, with scenes showing Kim Kardashian crying over the threat of having more footage than her Noughties sex tape with Ray J leaked. Her sister Kourtney also stands out as she discusses her romance with fiance Travis Barker, while Khloe faces her own relationship problems when her cheating partner Tristan Thompson makes a vows to win her back.

The initial social reaction to the series was very positive, with fans becoming unhappy with its return and many liking its storyline and higher production value.

However US critics were not as impressed as fans, with some reviews branding the first episode of the new series as ‘disappointing’.

Surfing Twitter after the episode was dropped, fans wrote: ‘It feels more real and genuine than a few seasons ago,’ while another added it was ‘literally a new era of reality tv …’

‘THAT’S VERY GOOD,’ exclaimed another fan, who added that the family should ‘BURN [Roblox] TO THE GROUND !!!’

Others added: ‘Kardashians on Disney is absolutely perfect perfect!’; ‘Omg I love the new Kardashians show it’s too good. Very excited for the next episode! ‘

This is the concept and the budget they deserve. It’s impossible for me to see Kim cry and not cry herself TheKardashians ‘Ugh it looks like we only got one episode to start the new season of TheKardashians, I need more now’;

kardashianshulu just finished with the first ep, I cried happily for kourtneykardash and sad tears for KimKardashian looking forward to the rest of my season  this series is just like the first series of TheKardashians.’

While fans were happy with the show, critics have slammed it with comments from Hollywood journalists who said the show was ‘interrupted by aggressive hatred’ and said that KUWTK fans might consider it ‘disappointing’.

It said: ‘The Kardashians are back, but it’s hard to cultivate a passion for people who haven’t left the spotlight long enough to be missed.