Courteney Cox made a reality of her low career and persistent social media

Courteney Cox got a statement about her low -key career and persistent social media troll when she took part in a beach shoot for InStyle magazine.

Images from the publication show Courtney, 57, posing on the beach in a colorful jumpsuit showcasing her slender physique.

She also dazzled with a colorful turtleneck shirt and fluffy pants with a wide-brimmed black hat protecting her from the sun’s rays.

The Friends actress is a picture of beauty with an eye shadow coat highlighting her bright bleu eyes and an intricate heart necklace adorning the look.

In the magazine, Courteney is candid about the low -key career she has experienced in recent years.

In 2016, Fox directed Courteney’s acting pilot called Charity Case. The show saw Courteney play the character of a woman who inherited her late husband’s charity.

The pilot, however, never made it to the series.

‘That was a low deterrent to my ego,’ Courteney said. ‘Especially with the kind of character I’ve never played before.’

Although a beloved actress, even Courteney deals with her fair share of trolls.

Speaking of being on Instagram, he said: ‘For a while I thought, “Oh, great! People are so kind to me, and this feels so good!” I didn’t know that if you kept scrolling, you would eventually get to a really nasty [comment]. Like, “Why did you make this stupid video anyway?” and, “Is that also Courteney?” They are very rude. ‘

Even her 17 -year -old daughter Coco, who Courteney shared with her ex -husband David Arquette, could be a critic of her social media antics.

‘Coco became very embarrassed by a lot of the things I put on Instagram,’ the actress of The Scream admits.

‘Sometimes, I’ll find something on TikTok and put it on Instagram and he’ll say, “Mom, that’s over.” Once, I did this dance, and she was embarrassed [laughs]. And actually, when I look back, I’m a little embarrassed. ‘

Courteney has returned to the small screen as the star of the new Starz series Shining Vale, which follows the actor who plays the character as a writer confronting a ghost that lives in his home.

‘A family moved from a small town to a house where terrible atrocities had taken place. But no one noticed except Pat, who was convinced he was either depressed or possessed – as it turned out, his symptoms were exactly the same, ’the description for the series read on IMDb.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever played a character that was so layered and had a lot of things to go through,’ Courteney told InStyle.

Shining Vale began her career at Starz on March 6 and also starred Greg Kinnear as her husband and Mira Sorvino as the ghost inhabiting their new home.