Can we talk briefly about Shiv’s wardrobe in this succession season?

The HBO series Succession is a source of many things: intrafamily subterfuges, swear words, ingenious new ways to permanently harm the people around you, but the show’s attention to fashion has always been one of its most notable elements, from the face of aspiring cool Kendall Roy. baseball caps for blazers and pearls from the signature of troubled attorney Gerri Kellman. However, no one in Succession was more fashionable (or more carefully dressed) than the intriguing and dissatisfied youngest daughter, Shiv, at least until this season.

To be fair, Shiv’s style has constantly evolved. In a 2019 New Yorker article, Rachel Syme wrote about the character’s season two look: “Turtleneck sweaters and high-waisted pants have rarely looked so ruthless.” As Syme points out, even then Shiv sometimes seemed “more like a recent law school graduate of a midsize company than a big shot poised to take over an empire,” but season three ushered in a new low, or was a new record for Shiv-Related Sartorial Speech? Suddenly, Shiv’s suits looked cheap; her dresses for big and important events were strangely tight; his entire sartorial sense of himself seemed to hang by a thread. Ironically, Sarah Snook, the actress who plays Shiv, looked better than ever, but her wardrobe seemed to be fighting her at all times.

Since fashion is not my strong suit (I’m famous, but a humble culture writer), I called on Vogue’s fashion news editor Sarah Spellings to help me interpret what this change in Shiv’s style might mean. . “The succession usually does a great job with the fashion of the rich. Just look at Caroline [Collingwood, the haughty English mother of the Roy brothers] wearing a textured coat over pants for her wedding! Or Kendall’s Loro Piana hat. There aren’t a ton of logos, it’s not flashy (usually except for the Gucci bomber from Kendall’s birthday), “says Spellings.” In past seasons, Shiv wore baggy pants and turtlenecks that made her look powerful, trim, and, most importantly, casually super rich. This season, she seems to be trying harder while fighting for power and in awkward positions. For the most part, that comfort and quiet is gone and she looks less comfortable in her clothes. “

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